Backordering Your Domain Names

good domain nameA Good Domain NameAs a domain player, you know that almost all the great domain names were taken before 1999. It is difficult now to get an even fairly decent domain name.

Sometimes, however, some registrants do not recognize that their domain names are pretty valuable, and drop them after they find no application for their domain names.

That is when the backordering comes into play. Now you need to know that there may be many people waiting to backorder the same domain name. So it’s important to find a backordering service provider that can maximize your odds of getting the domain name for a minimal price. That could be quite some task.

The key for a successful backorder is to find a competent backordering service. Here are some tips for you to consider.

1) Choose a backorder service that works with various registrars. More registrars mean better odds for you to get the domain name you want.

domainbackorderDomain Backorder2) Avoid the backorder service that places the domain names on auction. With such a service provider, you are not certain if you can get the domain name for a price you want to pay. Auctioneers are always seeking the highest bid for a domain name.

The bad news is that considering both 1) and 2), you may find that no service provider may meet your demand. As a matter of fact, almost all the backorder services are running an auction mode business.

Some major backorder service providers are listed here for your reference.

snapnames domain name auctionsSnapnames Domain Name Auction1) This may be the biggest. It works with a dozen registrars. But that does not mean they have a better chances than others to backorder a domain name. If the domain name is of low grade, then they might be able to snap it up for you. But for a great domain name, the competition is keen, and chances are cannot get it for you. places the domain name backordered on auction. The auction goes for three days. In the end of the auction, they award the domain name to the highest bidder. A recent example is; awarded it to a bidder for $1250 for the domain name. The minimal bid is $60.

2)’s business is similar to They may work with fewer registrars. But sometimes they  have a better chances of getting quite decent domain names. The minimal bid is $60.

3) is part of They work with a few domain registrars. Occasionally, they can snap up a few great domain names. They also place the domain names on auction. But the auction is done before they snap it. The minimal bid is $30. One thing that clients need to be aware of is that when you enter a so called extended auction. The so called extended auction is to sell the domain names registered. Please be advised that there will be a $50 fee when you enter such an auction. You will not see any statement easily. So be advised to keep off, or be ready to pay $50.

enomEnom Accredited Registrar4) is an ICANN accredited registrar. I am not sure if they work with any other registrar(s). The minimal bid is $30. The features associated with the backordering look great. However, I personally do not have an experience with the service. But it does look nice after I look around inside an account.

5) is an ICANN accredited registrar. I guess they do not work with other registrars. This is one of those backordering services that do not place the domain name on auction. They charge an $18.95 flat rate for a backorder. The price looks great, but do not get excited too early. Three things will cool you down.

A. Chances are they do not work with other registrars. So it’s not easy for them to get the domain name for you.

B. For a good domain name, you cannot even have a chance to place the backorder.

C. No matter whether they win the domain name for you or not, you pay the fee up front, and there is no refund.

For the price you pay, if they fail to get the domain name for you, they monitor the domain name, or you can place another backorder, which is not friendly to most people. It seems makes some money out of the process rather than the result. People need to exercise caution when considering using them. One trap is their “invest edge” service, which charges a monthly fee. This service allows you to place bulk backorders at a real low price. It sounds great to those who backorder a lot of domain names, such as a professional domain player. But it's really not much of a service that you can use. By trap, I mean that

A) you can barely find any good domain name to order. Many good domain names may be backordered by others. Remember they only accept one backorder for one domain name.

godaddyGoDaddyB. will keep charging you monthly for the service, even though you order the service just for one month. After you place the order for the invest edge service, they may send you an email saying that you need to cancel the service, while in reality you did not order the service for more than one month. Be fearful for such tactics. I personally do not recommend anyone use because of this.

When you consider a backordering service, their integrity is the key. This is particularly important when you backorder a first grade domain name, that might be worth tens of thousands of dollars. How can you be sure that they will give such a domain name to you, and not keep it for themselves? Who is most reliable and trustworthy can be everyone’s guess.

Among all the services I know, is the one I trusted most, although they could not get you every domain name you want. They seem to be doing a fair business in every aspect you can imagine. I would recommend to those who seriously want to backorder a domain name!

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