Selling Foreign Language Domain Names.

targeting foreign language domains Foreign Language Domain NamesThis is not new, but is a somewhat unspoken practice, that is making a few "some bodies" a lot of Money.

In Each Country they may have set rules for buying the countries registered domain names. For example, in Japan a registered company can only buy one domain name for that company. And you have to be a registered company to buy the .jp domain name.

So all of the "Good" names were gone very quickly. For example, anything pertaining to English schools, "Eikaiwa" are gone. Now if you were to go and do a search for Japanese words listed in domains under the .com and .net etc. You will also notice that those domain names using Japanese words are also gone.

Picking the Right Domain NameRight Domain NamesWhat happened to them, and where did they go? They were bought up by a few smart "some bodies" and are being resold for $10,000 per domain name on some sites in Japan. (Top Japanese keyword domain names and you don't have to be a registered company to buy one.)

Someone with a Vision saw that all of those local language domain names would be gone some day, and they created the perfect option for those who wanted those domains. This same principle may be true in every country. If you know the local language, and the local language wording, you may still be able to get in on the domain selling game, and make a fortune.

This is one of the many ways when knowing a second language pays!

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