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How Do I Choose a Web Designer for My Business?

web designHow Do I Choose a Web Designer for My Business?With the proliferation of the world wide web and independent businesses, it is literally a 'jungle' out there when it comes to locating affordable website design services. If you don't know the difference between a web host and a website, how are you supposed to figure out which web design company will be capable and worth the outlay from your fixed budget. Let's face it, start-ups, independent entrepreneurs and small businesses do not have the large budgets of corporations and every rand counts. Making informed decisions when it comes to your business' marketing expenditures can be the difference between business success and failure.

Having an online component for your company is an established low cost tool to build your company brand, keep in touch with your customers and reach out to new ones. Nielsen/Net Ratings found that the overall at-home global active Internet universe for 12 selected countries swelled by more than 2.8 million users from June 2004 to July 2004 bringing the total to 291,986,237 users. Having a website is necessary to reach these users.

Since I self-designed my first company website, my time was spent trying to figure out who should host my site, but the method of search is comparable with looking for a website designer: asking around, looking in search engines, poring through over 30 sites comparing services, prices and added value (if there was any). I didn't really know what I was looking for, even though I had some technical background, but in general I knew I wanted a host who was affordable and had good customer service. So, considering those of you who are starting from the beginning and need someone to help you Plan your site, Design it and Put it up for the world to see, there are specific concerns that you will need to address.

Website hostingWebsite HostingHere are seven real-world questions any new business owner should ask a prospective web designer. Based on their answers you can compare each company on a more equal basis, decreasing your search time and increasing the time you need to spend building your business.Do they offer domain name registration & web hosting with their packages?

  1. Do they promote your website once it's built?
  2. Do their package prices include maintenance fees?
  3. Can you make alterations/updates to the website on your own?
  4. Do they handle product sales transactions? (E commerce sites)
  5. How long is your contract?
  6. Can you see previous work that has been done?

Getting the answers to these questions will get you on the way to choosing a web designer who can handle your website and total business needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation, or to discuss your website needs.

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What Does Your Website Say About You?

realtors screenRealters ScreenThe internet has completely changed the way that people do business, and their most important purchases are no exception. Just having a website to promote your real estate business is a vital first step, but having the right website will show those undecided buyers and sellers that you are the agent for them!

Being Featured On Your Company Website

Being listed on your company's or office's website is certainly important. However, ask your broker or IT person if you are allowed to link your personal site from the office site. If you are, make sure you take advantage! Steering the traffic from the company's site to your own site will allow you to promote yourself as the agent for the job.

Make Your Website Simple And Easy To Use

Once the potential client is looking at the main page of your website, what is going to convince them to choose you? Having the flashiest site with all the bells and whistles may seem like a great idea, but most serious clients are looking for content, not gimmicks. Flashy animations, long introductions, and fancy transitions all make your site run slowly.

find a homeFind a HomeMake sure that your site is easy to navigate. It may seem cute that your phone number pops up when the user scrolls over your picture, but that can be hard for some to notice. Also, many professionals use the web at work, so sites that play music or sounds get closed immediately. No one wants to be caught surfing for a new home on company time!

Show Them That You Are The One

Although you should have a short biography page on your site, don't go on and on about yourself. Instead, get right to the point - you are the Realtor for them! Having a neat, simple design that is concise, easy to navigate, and speedy to use shows your would-be clients that you are organized, efficient, and easy to work with. These are exactly the things that clients are looking for in a Realtor!

Contact us for a free quotation, or to discuss your website needs

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