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What Are My Chances To Get The First Place In Search Engine Listings?

rich man with moneyRich Man You must have heard the stories how people became rich and famous with their websites. How could they achieve this? Their websites took a first position in search engine listings, targeting popular keywords. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! To be honest, chances for a regular small business website to get to the top of the search engine listings are close to zero, and each day they become smaller and smaller, as a number of new and old websites grow.

Let's examine the situation from the beginning. Search engines just need your content to deliver it to searchers. If a searcher is happy with the search result from the particular search engine, he will come back, and use this search engine again. Do not think that search engines serve to send customers to your website. They DO NOT CARE about your website or your business. All they need is content.

When the search engines first appeared on the Internet, they needed help to determine what your site is about, and how relevant your website is to search queries. People used "Keyword" meta-tags in those days. Keywords gave too many opportunities to cheat with search engines results, so searchers were not happy with their search queries results. Same thing was with the search engines. Manipulation with a website position in the search engines listings became known as Search Engine Optimization. That was the time when you could actually wake up a rich man, after the search engine came to your website, included it into its database and started sending you thousands of customers.

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