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When Your Graphic Designer Costs You Money…

when your designer is costing a lotWhen Your Designer Costs Too MuchSo how do you know when your graphic designer costs you financially and emotionally?

When a file is not prepared correctly… When you go to press, and have your media material produced in prints, and find out that the file was built incorrectly, then that's the time when your graphic designer will cost you money.

Many pre-press operators have complained about having to correct graphic designers work. To have a file prepared incorrectly can have drastic financial, and emotional consequences, for the owner. The time needed to rectify the problem can cause major delays, and additional expense. This is due to the graphic designer's understanding that his job is done, when he produces the design that you require.

It is therefore necessary for a graphic designer to understand the basic principle of what you see on screen, may not be the same when it comes off the press. A designer should know how to correctly build a bleed; check that the panels fold correctly; and that colour separation is well understood. The list goes on and on. If these issues are not properly addressed, the customer will most likely pay for additional costs, because a print house, or service provider,will definitely charge extra for fixing the problem.

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