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Web Site Turn-Offs

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There are a number of ways guaranteed to turn-off visitors to your website. These are worth consideringas you either design a site, or revise a site. Turn-offs generally can be defined as anything that impedes the user from quick and easy (intuitive) use of your site. Turn-offs also are often the result of gratuitous use of technical 'bells and whistles'.

One of the major turn-offs is a sloooow loading site. There can be a number of contributing factors to this:

* Large graphics files (meaning the file size in bytes). Graphics files need to be optimised to reduce the file size to a minimum to enable them to travel through the Internet in minimum time.

* Splash Screens. These are often Flash graphics and can take a long time to 'load', especially where there is limited bandwidth. Bandwidth is the carry capacity of the Internet, the bigger the faster - a bit like comparing a fire hose and a garden hose. Unfortunately in Australia bandwidth tends to be at the smaller end of the scale. Splash screens also annoy repeat visitors, as they revisit the site and have to wait for the screen to load (not everyone knows how to properly Bookmark).

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Why Optimizing Your Site For Speed is Important? Tips on How to do so!

frustrated waiting for site to loadVery Frustrated With WaitingIf there is one thing we have all suffered through, it is waiting for a site to download online. It seems like it is the worst thing in the world, and will never end. We actually either click off of the site, or, after the initial download of the front page completes, we then click off of the site because the subpages take too long to load. We have all been here, and this article is to help make sure your visitors don't go through it as well.

The reason why a website’s speed of download is important, is actually very simple, and we have broken it down into two parts:

-The first part is that people want to get to where they are going quickly. This is pretty straight forward, and now-a-days no one seems to have the time to wait for a site to download(no matter how important it is).

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